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Mouth Breathing

What's Wrong with Mouth Breathing?

While Mouth Breathing is common, it is not normal or healthy. As human beings, we should be obligate nasal breathers. Mouth Breathing is not our healthy, natural state. 


Mouth Breathing can affect our health in the following ways:

- It worsens asthma and allergy symptoms

- Triggers the Sympathetic Nervous System (fight or flight)

- Increases the risk for tooth decay and gum disease

- It can result in poor jaw, facial and airway development

- Increases the risk for Sleep Disordered Breathing

- It weakens the immune system

Establishing Nasal Breathing is the first goal of Myofunctional Therapy. Mouth Breathing is either a habit or out of necessity. If someone is mouth breathing out of necessity, they must see an Ear Nose & Throat (ENT) Specialist before starting a Myofunctional Therapy program. If someone has a mouth breathing habit, Myofunctional Therapy can help to correct this habit! 

When you schedule a Myofunctional Consult, we will work to figure out the root cause of your mouth breathing to help give you the best guidance moving forward.

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